The  Government has been actively involved in supporting the growth and development of entrepreneurs in Venkatagiri area through various initiatives.

              Training programmes have been conducted to provide skilled workers to the entrepreneurs units.  By imparting relevant skills and knowledge, these training programmes ensure that the workforce is  equipped with the necessary expertise to contribute effectively to the growth of Venkatagiri Sarees in the area.  In turn enhances the productivity and competitiveness of the entrepreneurs units.

              Further more, the Government’s efforts in creating employment opportunities for Unemployed rural artisans are commendable.  By providing training and employment in the handloom industry, theses initiatives empower the weavers and enable them to contribute to the economic development of the region.  This not only helps alleviate unemployment but also promotes gender equality and socio-economic progress.

               Overall, these initiatives showcase the Government’s commitment to fostering a favourable business environment, providing support and resources to entrepreneurs and generating employment opportunities for the local community.  By empowering entrepreneurs and creating skilled employment opportunities, Venkatagiri can continue to thrive as a prominent handloom sarees in Venkatagiri Cluster.