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Tirupati, the holy city is located in the southeastern part of Andhra Pradesh and Known for ‘Kaliyuga’ deity Lord Venkateswara.  It is located between the Northern Latitudes of 130 21′ 54″ and 140– 30′ 40″ and between the Eastern Longitudes 790 5′ 42″ and 800 4′ 10″.  It is bounded on the east by Bay of Bengal, on the west by Annamayya and Chittoor Districts of Andhra Pradesh, on the North by SPSR Nellore and Annamayya Districts of Andhra Pradesh and on the south by Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu State. In respect of area, it is with an area of 9174 Square Kilometers which accounts for 5.63 percent of the total area of the state.  The general elevation of the mountainous part of the district is 2500 feet above sea level.  The Chennai & Bangalore cities are located in 150 Kms. and 250 Kms. respectively to Tirupati Town.  The District has good business and marketing for Groundnut, Paddy and Other Products.  Read More


  • Area: 9174 Sq. Km.
  • Population: 22.18 lakhs
  • Language: Telugu
  • Villages: 1107
  • Male: 11.10 lakhs
  • Female: 11.08 lakhs
Shri N.Chandrababu Naidu Hon'ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh
Dr.S.Venkateswar IAS
Shri Dr. Venkateswar S, I.A.S., Collector and District Magistrate