:: INTRODUCTION ::

                  In Tirupati District there are 30000 weavers are depending on weaving profession directly and indirectly (Dying, Designing, sizing, warping etc). In Tirupati District. Handloom Industry have been  more concentrated area is Venkatagiri,  The weavers are producing world famous Venkatagiri Pattu and Cotton Sarees from Venkatagiri on Handlooms.

                                                                                                                                       :: HISTORY ::

                  Weaving at Venkatagiri first originated over 300 years ago and was patronized by the “Velugoti“ dynasty. A small group of weavers were supported by the dynasty for the exclusive purpose of weaving dhoti and turbans made of soft cotton with sophisticated embroidery to the Royal family. The Venkatagiri Sarees, known for their fine weaving, date back to early 1700 when these sarees were produced at an artisan cluster close to Nellore called Venkatagiri. The place was then known as ‘Kali Mili’ and its famous product was patronized by the Velugoti Dynasty of Nellore. During the 18th century, the kings of AsafJahi dynasty promulgated acts that attracted textile craftsmen from the central and western regions of India to the Andhra region.


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